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Welcome to NC Yorkie Rescue!

The mission of NC Yorkie Rescue, Inc. is to rescue any Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie mix, regardless of age or condition. We are dedicated to the security, protection and well-being of all Yorkies. Our desire is to educate all those who have a desire to learn about the Yorkshire Terrier
breed. We ensure that only the best homes are found for our dogs so that they can live Happily Ever After.


Where do our Yorkies come from?

• Surrendered by loving families who can no longer afford to care for them.

• Found on the streets and in abandoned homes (we receive them after efforts have been made to find their family)
• Puppy Mills (which have been raided and closed down by authorities)


Please give our little friends a "Forever Home"

To pursue an adoption..
You must first complete an Adoption Application which is located on the Online Forms page.

Look at me - I'm free!! No more puppy mill for me!!! Kacey Hillen - formerly in a horrendous puppy mill.

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Millie -  A five year old yorkie suffering  from Erosive Immune Mediated Polyarthritis .

Millie was surrendered by her owners because they could no longer afford the care for this otherwise healthy, brave and beautiful little girl!

The majority of our Yorkies are healthy, happy dogs...but because we do not turn away any Yorkies, some of them come in as "Special Needs" dogs. Our "Special Needs" Yorkies require medical attention ranging from needing daily shots because of diabetes, to needing a special diet because of internal or dental issues, to needing some type of major life-saving surgery.

Please make a donation to help us with all the veterinarian care needed for our special guys and gals so that afterwards they, too will be able to find a "Forever Home."